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Websites, internship TikToks, and silly video projects galore!


Good soup. 

Heavy Whip AD

Over 2.5 million views for this new product TikTok ad. 

Personal Travel

A weekend glimpse at study abroad travels!

Organic AD

Over 100k likes for new Organic product launch.  

OLIKA Hand Sanitizer

Example of TikTok content for OLIKA hand sanitizer using trending sounds.

Seasonal Ad

Featuring Holiday Nog and Peppermint Mocha products.

Personal Moments 

Family, friends, sunsets and more. My inspirations!

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Linz in Firenze

A glimpse into my travels abroad during the Spring 2023 semester - a collection of memories, tips, and musings.  

Lost and Found 

This website was a semester-long project for my Navigating News and Media in the Digital Age Class in the fall of 2022. It includes blogs and DIY projects showcasing Photoshop and movie editing software skills. 

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Utah National Parks

A Poem About Anxiety

A Year in the Life of an Irish Dancer

Senior Year 

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